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Why Saudi Orix Leasing? Saudi ORIX Leasing Company

leasing-advSaudi ORIX Leasing Company is part of ORIX Corporation , which has presence across the globe with over 1,100 offices and over 800,000 assets under lease and management though out the Asia Pacific region. In addition to ties with ORIX international, The Saudi ORIX Leasing Company is one of a kind non-banking financial institution backed by prestigious Saudi sponsors.

With such an extensive footprint across the globe we at SOLC are well qualified to provide financial solutions variable from simple investments to complex strategic leasing partner.

In addition of having a solid foundation imperative for successful operations, there are many other reasons with Saudi ORIX Leasing Company would prove to be the most preferred leasing service provider:

Best Available Rates:

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible rates available in the market as compared to other non-banking financial institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We make sure to keep our operational overheads at a minimum which in turn is translated in a more economical leasing plan for you.

Variety of Assets:

There is an extensive variety of assets to choose from, which helps us expedite the leasing process. When the asset required does not need to be purchased or secured from third party it helps SOLC in providing market competitive plans as well as accelerate the asset financing proceedings.

Plans designed for YOU:

We are constantly anticipating the market needs and evolving our products to be at par with the current market requirements at national and international levels. Our plans are designed to fit personal budgets and obligation timelines valued by you.

Professional Ethics:

At Saudi ORIX Leasing Company we strive to build strong long lasting relationship by adhering to professional ethics bench marks, which are a part of Saudi ORIX’s internal culture. These bench-marks help us stand apart from the other non-banking financial institutions when it comes to selecting a reliable leasing partner.


Being a part of ORIX International and being backed by prominent Saudi Institutions, Saudi ORIX Leasing Company has a very solid foundation for operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since we are not a part of any banking institution (an associate of Saudi Investment Bank) this gives us the freedom and stability to provide long term unbiased solutions.

A Qualified Team:

Our cadres of well qualified individuals are accessible to guide you through the leasing process. We make sure to understand your needs, propose and design packages to cater to those requirements and help you achieve your end goal.

Inclusion of Insurance:

Since we already have majority of the assets available in our portfolio, this helps us in including the insurance of that particular asset in the leasing plan as well.

Customized Leasing Plans:

Our clique of professionals are well qualified and experienced in understanding your core requirements and developing a plan best suited for your requirements.

Investing in Relations:

For over 15 years, ever since its inception in January of 2001, the core philosophy for success has been the same for Saudi ORIX Leasing Company i.e. to invest in long term relationships. It is not only about financing assets, it’s about making dreams a reality by focusing how can the client/customer can get more out of their investment.