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Share Holders

Saudi Investment Bank [SAIB]

  • The Saudi Investment Bank (“SAIB”), a full service commercial bank is a Saudi Arabian joint stock company established by Royal Decree No. M/31 dated June 23, 1976 with it’s headquarter in Riyadh. The bank commenced operations in April 1977.
  • SAIB offers traditional wholesale, retail and commercial banking products and services in addition to investment banking. In particular it arranges financing for parastatal and private industrial sectors and underwrites trade finance services for imports and increasingly, Saudi exports. The bank is a lead player in providing brokerage services in the Saudi equities market and also acts for its private banking clientele as an international brokerage intermediary for options, foreign exchange, precious metal and other treasury products.
  • SAIB is also leading the way in the field of strategic partnerships. In addition to its investment in Saudi ORIX Leasing Company, SAIB entered into joint venture with companies such as American Express Saudi Arabia, Amlak International for Real Estate Financing and Development, Alistithmar for Financial Securities and Brokerage Company – Alistithmar Capital and The Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company (MedGulf).

Trade Development and Investment Group Limited [TDIG]

    • Trade Development & Investment Group, Ltd. (“TDIG”) is an investment vehicle and a platform for the promotion and development of the private sector investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ORIX Corporation, Japan

  • ORIX Corporation, Japan is the largest leasing company in Japan and the ORIX Group is the third largest player in the Leasing Industry, world-wide. The ORIX Group is identified internationally as a leading diversified financial services group. Since its establishment in April 1964, ORIX has played a pioneering role, first in developing the market for lease financing in Japan and subsequently in developing and introducing products and services in 36 countries.
  • ORIX Corp. is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. ORIX Corp. ORIX has a global network that spans 36 countries and regions worldwide. ORIX is made up of 800 consolidated subsidiaries and 138 affiliates. ORIX has 1,418 offices in Japan, with 658 locations throughout the United States, Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa (as of September 30, 2016). ORIX has wholly owned subsidiaries in USA, UK, Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.
  • In the Middle East Region, ORIX Group expansion started in 1993 and currently there are four joint venture companies; Oman ORIX Leasing Co. SAOG (1993), ORIX Leasing Egypt (1997), Saudi ORIX Leasing Co. (2001) and MAF ORIX Finance Co. UAE (2002). IFC is a joint venture partner in Oman and Egypt. In June 2005, ORIX invested in a leasing company in Kazakhstan.


ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited

  • ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (“OLP”) was established in July 1986 as a joint venture between ORIX Corporation, Japan and local investors. OLP commenced commercial operations in January 1987 and is listed on all three stock exchanges in Pakistan.
  • OLP is headquartered in Karachi and has 31 branches situated in 30 towns and cities. OLP’s major shareholder is ORIX Corporation of Japan (ORIX) having 49.6% shareholding.
  • OLP offers cost effective value-added financial products and innovative customized services to a wide array of customers throughout the country. The blend of international experience and local expertise acquired over the last 29 years provides OLP a distinctive competitive edge. OLP takes pride in the fact that it has played a major role in the economic development of the country by supporting the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector and in doing so, has created thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly. It has helped grow numerous small businesses into medium sized enterprises. Today, OLP is one of the most prominent Non-Banking Finance Companies in Pakistan with presence across the country and a large network of individual and corporate customers.