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How to Apply

What are the steps involved in a Lease transaction?

The prospective lessee selects the machinery / equipment and finds the supplier and negotiates the price. Why? Because the lessee has superior understanding of the technical requirements of the asset. Further, you can contact ORIX team to source assets, Vehicles in particular through their network of approved suppliers to enjoy the national purchasing power that Orix avail.

  • The lessee may identify existing assets, which have already been purchased with own resources for sale and leaseback. A sale and leaseback transaction means that Saudi ORIX buys the assets from the lessee and leases it back to the lessee.
  • The lease terms and conditions are negotiated and Saudi ORIX issues a lease offer specifying the terms and conditions of the offer.
    • a) Last three year’s financial statements profit and loss account, balance sheets and notes (audited) along with latest management accounts.
    • b) Latest six months bank statements.
    • c) Commercial registration and Articles of Associations or Partnership deed.
  • The lessee makes an application to Saudi ORIX for lease facility giving details of the business, its nature, and range of products, legal status and ownership profile along with the following documents.
  • The lessee accepts the proposal and Saudi ORIX processes the lease transaction, obtains internal credit approval and releases lease documentation, generally consisting of the following documents:
    • a) Lease agreement.
    • b) Draft resolution.
    • c) Undertakings.
  • The lessee completes the lease documentation and depending on the terms arranges insurance.
  • In case the leased asset is being imported, Saudi ORIX may, subject to the terms and conditions agreed assist the lessee in opening letters of credit.
  • In case of sale and leaseback transaction the agreed sales price is paid to the lessee on successful completion of the documentation.

What is the time frame for a Lease?

Saudi ORIX prides itself on customer focus and speed of response. The time required to successfully consummate a lease transaction could range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity and size of the transaction

What happens at the end of the Lease term?

At the expiry of a lease, several options are normally available to the lessee depending on the nature of lease agreement:

  • a) The equipment can be returned to ORIX.
  • b) The lease can be renewed on a yearly basis at a substantially reduced annual cost.
  • c) The lessee may purchase the leased asset (at times) at a predetermined price.